(100% Working) Get Free Royal Pass for PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has changed the Mobile gaming industry and has become the number one trending game of the year. PUBG is the most loved internet game today and it was instantly famous as soon as it was released. The creators come up with new concepts and new updates to keep the game interesting for everybody. The graphics and effects have been improved a lot since the game was launched in March 2018. 

Even after the release of Call of Duty mobile version, the craze of Pubg Mobile is still in its peaks. Many gamers are ready to buy the Royale Pass of Pubg Mobile to enjoy extra benefits. 

Many people have been searching for free tricks to get Pubg Royale Pass but most of them involve installing other Applications and earning credits. The sad part is Half of them are fake and don’t work at all. Many people are tired of trying all these tricks and wasting time.

But don’t you worry guys, I got a trick for you which will help you get Royal Pass for Almost free.

How to get Royal Pass Elite and Elite Plus for free

In this trick, I will help you get Elite Royal Pass which costs 600 UC and Elite Plus Royal Pass which costs 1800 UC for free. Unlike other tricks, this doesn’t require you to install any application or visit any website.

Many people got themselves banned trying some of the tricks posted on the internet but this trick is safe, even if it doesn’t work for you, your account won’t be banned. Before we proceed to the trick, let’s look at the requirements.


Requirements for Getting Royal Pass

  • 10 Gmail accounts are required if you want to get 600 UC.
  • You will need 30 Gmail account if you want to get Elite Plus Royal Pass which costs 1800 UC.
  • You will need Netbanking, please don’t use Debit/Credit card.

Note: Please see that the Gmail accounts should be at least 2 months old and you can borrow them from your friends and family. Also, this might not work in some regions but I tested it in multiple regions and it works perfectly fine.

Trick to get Royal Pass for free

Please follow the steps carefully and you will get your Royal Pass. And, this trick won’t harm your account because it is completely safe and we are not violating any of PUBG Mobile terms and conditions.

  • Open Gmail App on your Mobile phone and log out of it.
  • Log out from all Google services like Gmail, Playstore, etc.
  • Go to the Settings on your phone to clear all the cache from your phone.
  • Now login to a new Gmail account which is not yet used in the Playstore before.
  • Open the Pubg Mobile game and make sure your account is logged in.
  • Go to the UC Buy section and click on Buy.
  • Now you can see a pop-up of Google Playstore for buying 60 UC for 79rs and the discount coupon of 75rs is already applied, so you only have to pay 4rs.
  • After you’re done, Logout of your Gmail, clear the cache and do the same with the new Gmail account.
  • Repeat the same method till you buy 600 UC, if you want Elite Royal Pass or Repeat the process till 1800 UC if you want Elite Plus Royal Pass.
  • After you have collected enough UC, you can use it to buy your Royal Pass.

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I Hope, this trick has helped you all in getting Royal Pass for free. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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