PUBG Mobile – Get Free Permanent Outfit, UMP9 Skin, Helmet Skin

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We Pubg Lovers are aware of the fact that the recent update has brought many new changes to the exam. The creators of the PUBG Mobile, always come ups with new stuff to keep the gamers interested in the game by adding new maps, new modes, and new weapons or new skins. With the new game modes, new guns and new skins come new tricks. 

Every time a new Update comes, people find new tricks and ways to get freebies without having to pay any money. There are so many tricks on the internet today, but most of them don’t even work. But the trick we are presenting to you today has been tested by us and hopefully it works for you all too.

How to Get Free Permanent Dress, UMP9 Skin and Helmet Skin

Most of the people are worried because using some of the tricks will get them banned from PUBG Mobile but the trick we are sharing today is 100% Genuine and works very well. 

This trick helps you get a Permanent Outfit and Skin for UMP9 Gun and Level 3 Helmet Skin. The outfit is permanent but the skins might expire at the end of the season, nevertheless, you are still getting them for free.

The method I’m sharing today will take a little longer compared to other tricks but I promise it is worth your time. 

Step 1: Connecting the VPN

The very first step involves getting a VPN application.

A VPN is nothing but a Virtual Private Network which helps us in connecting to the internet from IP addresses of different countries. For example, if you select the United States in the VPN App and browse the internet, it will show that you’re accessing the internet from the United States.

To get a VPN Application, Open Google Playstore.

In the Search Box, type “Speedify” And click search.

Select the first result, which says “Speedify – Fast and Reliable VPN” and click on Install.

Wait for the App to download and install.

Once the Application is Installed, Now open Speedify. Once, it Opens you can see a Pop-up with Terms and Conditions, Click on “Agree and Continue”. In the next step, it will ask you to subscribe, click on x mark and Close that pop-up. In the next pop-up Click on “No, I have Unlimited Data Plan”.

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Now click on the Settings icon and press on “View All Locations”. Then you will see a list of so many different countries, but we need to select Israel so look for Isreal and select it. Now, wait a few seconds until we are connected to the Israel server.

The reason we are using Israeli server is, this trick only works for the people in Israel. So, we are gonna connect to the Israeli server and pretend to be playing Pubg Mobile from Israel.

Now, step 1 is done, Let’s proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Changing Country in Game

Once, you’re done with the first step and connected to the Israel Server, then we have to check in the Game if our location is changed to Israel or not. Most of the VPN’s don’t have Israel servers for free, so that’s the reason we suggested Speedify. If you have used any other VPN’s please make sure they are working fine.

Now, once you’re connected to the Israel server minimize the Speedify or any other VPN app you are using and open PUBG Mobile game. Make sure you don’t Close the speedify application because it closes the connection to the Israeli server.

On the Homepage of the Pubg Mobile game, Click on the settings which is on the top right side. 

From Settings click on the “Change Country/Region” option.

Now click on Change option and you will notice Israel as your Country in the game. Click on Confirm and change your location to Israel. Please remember that you cannot change your country for the next 30 days.

If you’re able to Change your Country to Israel that means your VPN is working and you have successfully completed the 2nd step. If you’re not able to change the country, then something is wrong with your VPN app, Close the game again and try disconnecting and connecting your VPN to try the steps all once again.

After you’re done with 2nd Step, now its time for the Final Step.

Step 3: Complete the Challenges to get Free Rewards

After you finish 2 steps, Close the game and open it again for the Final Step. As your location is already changed to Israel, now you can find offers and new tabs different from your country.

Now Look for the Offers tab, which is on the Bottom-Right side and click on it.

You can find 2 Main Menu’s 1) Themed and 2) Time Limited.

Click on Time Limited and choose the “Rally your Clan” option. Now Tap on Go.

Wait for the new window to load and now you can find a list of new challenges with your score on top. And a list of rewards you can earn by completing those challenges.

So, make sure you read and understand the rules for a specific challenge and earn points for completing the challenges. 

The specific amount of reward points and rewards are allotted to each challenge. On completion of 1 Regular Mission will give you 10 points and Completion of 1 Challenge mission will give you 50 points. 

Also, remember that each reward can only be collected once, the Gamers can collect each reward at 150/300/450/600/750/900 points. 

The more points you gain, the more rewards you can get for free. Here are the following rewards you can get by completing the challenges.

  1. Permanent Dress.
  2. New Helmet Skin (Level 3 only)
  3. New UPM9 Skin
  4. Pubg Crates Coupon (You can get both Premium and Regular Crate Coupons).

The rewards will be sent via email attached to your Pubg game profile. Once, you’re done claiming rewards you can switch back to your original country after 30 days. But, don’t worry your Skins or any other rewards you earned will stay with you, even after switching back to your original country.

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This trick will expire in a couple of days, Make the most of it before it expires. Don’t forget to share this trick with your PubG Mates.

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