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Mc Donald’s Mcdvoice Customer Survey@

Mcdvoice Survey, Mcdvoice Survey rules, Mcdvoice Con: As, the most widespread fast food restaurant in the world, its normal for Mc Donald’s to conduct surveys to improve their services. Mc Donald’s seriously cares the feedback customer has to offer, so they started McdVoice Surveys to Ask Customer some questions and get the feedback about their food (

When you do a survey at, it will help Mc Donald’s to find an unhappy customer, and your feedback will have a powerful effect. Firstly the Mcdvoice survey will help Mc Donalds’s staff to focus on the significance of meeting and surpassing customer expectations. If your feedback is negative, then it will warn the company about potential issues which can affect its future profits. But overall, Mcdvoice survey is to collect the feedback of the customers and to improve customer experience.

About Mc Donald’s

Mc Donald’s (McD) is an American Hamburger and Fast Food Chain which was founded in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald. Using the production line principle, they reorganized their business as Hamburger Stand in 1948. Now Mc Donald’s is one of the world’s largest food chains in the world which serves about 68 million customers every day. Mc Donald’s has about 36,615 outlets in 119 different countries.

Mc Donald’s mostly sells Hamburgers, chicken products, cheeseburgers, french fries, soft drinks, desserts, milkshakes and breakfast items. However, in response to changing of people’s tastes wraps, salads, smoothies, fish and fruit.

Mc Donald’s Survey Rewards| Mcdvoice Survey Rewards

To show appreciation and to encorage customers to participate in the survey, Mc Donald’s will be giving some rewards to the people who participate in the survey. Once you Participate in the Mcdvoice Survey and go through all the questions, you will get a validation code for a special offer, which you can use when you visit Mc Donald’s next time.

Mcdvoice Survey Requirements:

You’ll be needing a couple of things, in order to participate in the Mcdvoice Survey.

The first and most important thing is you need to have the proof of your purchase (McDonald’s Receipt). Some Mc Donald’s receipts have the survey code printed on them and other dont have survey code printed.

You will need a computer or mobile with working internet connection. You can access Mcdvoice Survey at / Β www mcdvoice com.

And there is also a limit for participating mcdvoice survey, you can only participate in a Mcdvoice survey only for 5 times per restaurant on monthly basis.

Make sure, you dont use public internet connection, as you need to fill out your personal information while participating the Mcdvoice Survey.

Participate in Mcdvoice Survey| Mc Donald’s Survey Participation

1) Go to from a web browser ( www mcdvoice com ).

2) Choose your preferred Language.

3) Click on “If you have a 26-digit survey code printed on your receipt, click here” if you have a 26 digit survey code.

4) On the next page enter your 26-digit survey code and Continue to participate in the survey and Answer the survey Questions.

5) If you dont have a survey code, then you can enter the following information like Store number, KS number, Date of visit, Time of Visit, Order number and Amount Spent and click Start.

6) After you finish the Mcdvoice Survey, you will get a validation code, which can be used to redeem the special offer printed on your Mc Donald’s receipt.

7) Give your feedback Genuinely, and write down the code to redeem your offer.

8) Remember that offer expires after 30 days of receipt date. So redeem it within 30 days.

You Can Share Your Reviews Below In Comment Section.

Updated: July 5, 2017 — 3:30 am


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  1. I hate the McDonald’s on bway in Newburgh. They allow the addicts to shoot up in the bathroom place is a mess there is always the same crackheads begging for money outside. Come on why would I bring my kids there again . Management seems to accept this too come onπŸ”πŸŸβ˜ β˜ β˜ 

  2. We visited the Lynden, Wa site last night with our grandson. The visit was terrible, we’ll probably never go the again. Counting the gal behind the register, there were six other back there fixing the food orders. I took more than 15 minutes to get our order. There were only8 to 10 customers waiting to order or already ordered. The grandson and grandma ordered pancakes and I ordered the whopper meal. Also, I was charged a dollar more for my pop. This was at store #13095 in Lynden. The fries were cold when we finally got my meal. I feel the cold fries, long wait,extra charge for the drink was unacceptable for a fast food joint. gordy

  3. I haven’t been to a McDonald’s Restaurant in a year. Today my grandkids wanted some pancakes so we stopped. The employees are so rude my order was short that I don’t think the restaurant should be in Existence. So now I find myself looking to boycott and spread the word on my prior experience with this restaurant with water bugs in my food and now the rudeness I received today and paying for an order I didn’t receive. FYI survey code: 01703-13710-42717-08012-00029-2 and 01703-13650-42717-07587-00054-0 2135 SW Military San Antonio Tx.

  4. The murray, my store is always clean and friendly. Always get our orders correct. We go regularly. I must say, though, that I really dislike the change to the mc chicken. Won’t be buying that again

  5. I am very upset with the app.I had one shake to go to get my free one. It just disappear. Now it is starting all over again.

  6. go too www. mcd with 7 days and tell us about your visity validation code expire 30 day after receipt date valid at participation us mcdonald survey code 37421-02440-51717-08082-00064-6

    1. hot biscult but they are slow

  7. very slow 834 cleveland ave east point ga 30344

  8. want recevie validation code
    i visit your store today may 17 20017

  9. survey code 3742103450-51717-08087-00021-4

  10. survey code 37421-0340051717-08062-00178-2 wait validation code back
    please it please

  11. 37421-03450-51717-08087-00021-4 validation code

  12. 37421-02440-51717-08082-00064-6

  13. 37421-03400-51717-08062-00178-2

  14. Recipient 340 244 345 the all recipients eat today so validation code

  15. Leon Eugene Adams

    Items missing in my bag and didn’t realize it till after I left the store. The staff there need some retraining

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